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Greta Seeger, alumna of School of Design Thinking in Potsdam/Stanford, works as a consultant in the intersection of the corporate and startup world, specialized in Innovation, Human Centered Design and Venture Design. As a guest lecturer in Design Thinking she gave workshops at e.g. Harvard University, ESCP Europe and STEP conference Dubai. She also taught about Human Centered Design and Social Impact Innovations at world renowned companies such as eBay and SAP InnoJam in Las Vegas. Beside her work as a Consultant and Coach, she has been working as an Innovation Consultant on strategic foresight, empathy building and consumer behaviour in the automotive industry. As an entrepreneur she co-founded in 2008 her first company a digital marketing platform for SME, only two years later she cofounded a magazin and coinitiated the first startupweekend in Berlin, in 2013 she joined the Berlin-based mobility startup Carjump and in 2016 she co-founded with former Skype-Investor Morten Lund a curated art rental platform. She has been working as an Expert and Consultant at the Innovation Centre for Mobility and Societal Change in Berlin before she joined as a Senior Manager at Philips Design in the Netherlands in the role of a ‘Co-Create Lead’, leading initiatives such the Philips’ CoCreation Lab with Harvard Summer School and CoCreation Program (accelerator program). Greta led the Startup-& Innovation Program for Philips (DACH market) building up the first Healthtech hub in Hamburg and was a Mentor at the healthtech incubator Startupbootcamp in Berlin. Greta is now based between Berlin-NYC-Mexico City, sharing her knowledge as an Innovation Consultant to help international clients to grow their innovation pipeline.


Knowing both worlds – the corporate and the startup world, Greta Seeger helps you to act fast like a startup and to think big like a corporate! She gives hands-on Design Thinking workshops and consults world renowned companies, startups and shares her knowledge at top universities. Learn how to think like a design thinker, will transform your business. Beyond that, she shares her experience as a Speaker and Moderator.

For corporates: Learn how to think and act fast like a startup!

For startups: Learn how to think and act big like a corporate!

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  • “I got to know Greta Seeger as an enthusiastic design thinker during the Systems Thinking course at Harvard Summer School in Cambridge back in 2012. As a lecturer and coach she managed very well to share her experience and knowledge about design thinking. She sparked inspiration and creativity in my students and managed the work flow with confidence and top proficiency.”

    Dr. Mark Esposito, Harvard University

  • “I got to know Greta Seeger as a committed and excellent design thinker who deeply impressed me by her open-minded, clever and creative way in approaching design thinking issues in general and our design challenge in particular. Her thoughts and contributions in understanding our project partner’s needs and problems were extremely valuable and helped us a lot in creating and designing an innovative work environment to foster new product development for employees for Cornelsen’s Design department.”

    Dr. Julian Gebhardt, School of Design Thinking


  • “I had the pleasure to get to know Greta Seeger as a dynamic and highly motivated Innovation Consultant in field of Corporate Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy and Design Thinking. Her workshop on User-Centered Design was extremely successful. All participants loved the interactive and professional way she taught Design Thinking.”

    Dr. Sami Rabieh, MFG Innovation Agency for ICT and Media


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