How to create a life under the circumstance of unconditional basic income?


Ahmet Ögüt created the Unconditional Basic Income Lounge (as part of the group show ‘Action!’ e.g. with Yoko Ono), at which Swiss citizens who voted ‘Yes’ will have access to enter the lounge, as well as those who pledge to change their minds and the non-citizens who say ‘Yes’ but didn’t have right to vote. Ahmet Ögüt invited me to contribute with a two day workshop with the leading question: What would you do with all the time and money?


The two day workshop aimed to apply the Human Centered Design (HCD) approach to the personal life. The question I asked myself a long time ago was: If we can solve complex problems through a user focussed design process together in a diverse group, can we tackle a much more complexe world – the human life – in a similar way? The good news is, the experiment was successful.


Action! Show at Kunsthaus Zürich.

Link to the Ahmet’s article on

Ahmet Ögut’s website and Wikipedia.

‘Design the life you love’ by Ayse Birsel.