How to apply deep human and cutting-edge technologies to create healthcare products and services to improve millions of lives?


During my time at Philips Design my responsibility was to lead cross-functional teams (design, science/research,  business) to develop customer and patient experiences within a very short time period. Throughout a period of 8-16 weeks we would go through market & trend research, user research, persona creation, ideation, prototyping, testing and reiterating the process. The goal was to come up with a validated value proposition, business model or MVP. We strongly collaborated with the digital accelerator of Philips.


Shaping experiences through human-centered design: Philips Design is the creative engine of Philips a 125 year old Dutch company. In our team we collaboratively worked with clients, patients and consumers to define opportunities and translate insights into powerful products and services (oral hygiene & dental care, diabetes, radiology, hair care, mother- & child care etc.)



More information about Philips Design can be found here.