How to inspire an audience in the intersection of design, tech & business?


Since 2014 I have been invited to contribute to STEP conference multiple times. The conference is the first and with over 2000 participants the biggest conference in Dubai in the intersection of media, technology and design.


2014: Greta Seeger moderated the panel discussion on “Sharing is Caring – THE SYMBIOTIC WORLD OF SHARING ECONOMIES’. Panelist were Ali Halabi, founder of VOLT App (ridesharing app) and Ramy Assaf, founder of friendshippr (crowdsourced courier service).

Design Thinking Workshop


2015: Panelist on “Smart Design for Urban Living” with CEO EZELink Maher Al Zarooni, Zaid Matar Qualcomm. VIDEO.

Design Thinking Workshop

2021: Speaker at STEP anywhere on Personal Transformation during times of crisis.